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Handling the batteries of today with the software of the future.

How we’re using FASTLOOK and FAST CHARGE to save batteries, energy, time and money.


By collecting usage data from your fleet of lift trucks; we get a precise understanding of the energy required for your fleet each shift, day and week.


Once we know how much energy your operation needs; we identify the best opportunities to deliver it using our exclusive FASTLOOK software.


Now that we know how much charge time you have and how much energy your need, FASTLOOK automatically selects the right battery & charger.


With an AKERWADE FAST CHARGE system, information from each battery can be sent automatically to a single location for detailed analysis.
  • Don’t Get Fossil-Fooled
    Myths about battery-powered forklifts lead companies to think they're not up to the task of moving multi-ton, heavy-duty payloads, they don’t work outdoors, or they require battery changes to work 3 shifts.  It's time to set the record straight...
  • Fast, Rapid or Quick
    In the world of industrial batteries, the terms “fast charger,” "rapid charger" and "quick charger" can be used loosely. ​​A true fast charger is part of an engineered system matching the right-size battery to the right-size charger. This allows a forklift to run through multiple shifts using only one battery.
  • Fast Charge 101
    Why have 500+ companies switched from battery changing or liquid propane to our fast charge systems? Confidence.
May 21, 2018

Exide Expands Motive Power Offering with Acquisition of Aker Wade Power Technologies

Exide Technologies (www.exide.com), a global provider of stored energy solutions for the transportation and industrial markets, announced today the acquisition of Aker Wade Power Technologies, LLC
January 3, 2018

International Paper Fast Charges its Growth

With a three-shift, 460,000 square-foot facilities in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.- based International Paper was looking for ways to save money and improve workflow. Their 85 battery-powered lift trucks worked well, but operators were spending 40 minutes each shift waiting while the battery was changed in each truck.


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Founded in 2000, Aker Wade Power Technologies designs, manufactures and services advanced fast charging and power conversion systems for electric lift trucks.

Today, more than 20,000 Aker Wade fast chargers are in use in facilities of Fortune 500 companies across North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. And every day, we push the technology forward.

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