Tompla Paper Pushes the Uptime Envelope

Faurecia Puts Productivity in High Gear
November 10, 2017
Fast Facts
November 16, 2017
“We have increased productivity by about 5%.”

Jose Castro, Operations Manager

Tompla Industries, located near Madrid, Spain, operates 24 hours, six days a week, producing four billion envelopes per year. When one of the European largest producers of envelopes has to stop a forklift mid-shift to change a battery, the lost productivity can be felt through each succeeding shift.

Willing to avoid the need of having spare batteries and searching efficiency in the use of energy, Tompla tested out two fast chargers in its central warehouse. The results were impressive.

“When we introduced Aker Wade Fast Chargers in our plant, we reduced the cost of maintenance,” says Jose Castro, operations manager. “Not only is the warehouse neater, but we’ve saved the lost time we used to incur with battery changes.”

That’s because, with fast charging, there is no downtime. Lift truck operators simply recharge the battery in the truck while they are on scheduled breaks. At Tompla, for example, the trucks are charged for just 30 minutes per 8-hour shift.

Tompla liked the two demo chargers so much they now use Aker Wade’s TwinMAX® fast chargers for all 25 of their electric trucks. And soon they will replace their six diesel lift trucks with electric lift trucks, powered by fast chargers.

“Monitoring is easy, too. We check the water level in all batteries each Monday morning before the first shift begins, and fill those that need water in only a few minutes,” says Castro. “We believe the Single Battery Operation on the lift trucks has helped us increase productivity in our depot by about five percent.”

Industry Application Fast chargers
Paper and paper products 3 shifts, 6 days a week 30