Fast Charging vs. Liquid Propane

Fast Facts
November 16, 2017
Fast Charge vs. Battery Change
November 29, 2017

Fast charging gives lift trucks the power they need to replace Class IV and V internal combustion trucks, even in high-demand, multi-shift, indoor/outdoor operations. The result? Savings, uptime, safety and more:


Lower Fuel Costs

40 cents of electricity does the same work as $2.50 of liquid propane (LP).

Lower Maintenance Costs

With no radiators, fluids or filters, electric trucks cost up to 40% less to maintain.​

Reduce Facility Costs

With no flammable gas on site, insurance is generally lower. And with no need to ventilate exhaust, HVAC costs go down too.

Zero Upfront Costs

Roll the battery and charger into the forklift lease and eliminate upfront expenses. Start saving on Day 1.


Eliminate tank changes

How much time does an otherwise lean 3-shift forklift operation waste changing LP tanks?

  • 20 lift trucks
  • x 3 battery changes per day
  • x 15 minutes per change
  • x 6 days a week.


Reduce energy consumption

Fast Does your company have a sustainability initiative to meet? Switching to electric lift trucks is the easiest way to go green.

According to a U.S. Department of Energy calculator, electric lift trucks produce the lowest well-to-wheel greenhouse gases (GHG) of any lift truck fuel (right).

Electric trucks also eliminate on-site CO2 emissions and the need to dispose of used oils and filters. And at 98% recyclable, lead-acid batteries are one of the most recycled products on earth.


Keep a safer, cleaner workplace

With electric lift trucks, there are no coolant or engine oil spills, reducing accidents, injuries, and damage.

With no propane tanks and chassis up to 20% shorter, electric lift trucks provide better visibility, helping drivers avoid accidents and damage to goods.

Do your operators drive in reverse when moving a large load? With electrics, they won’t inhale exhaust.


Need to do some heavy lifting?

New heavy duty electric lift trucks deliver big performance without the big expense of LP and diesel lift trucks.

With powerful AC electric motors and up to 100,000 pounds of lifting muscle, electric trucks are engineered to move the heavy loads in all environments, including lumber, paper and building supplies, even outdoors.


We power anything

Fast charging is used by all kinds of high-demand, multi-shift operations – even those that work outdoors:​



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