Fast Charge vs. Battery Change

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November 24, 2017
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December 11, 2017

Fast charging eliminates the need to change batteries, even for high-demand, 2- and 3-shift operations. ​The result? Savings, uptime, safety and more:


No Changing Equipment

100% of battery change equipment can be retired, along with the costs and hassles of maintaining it, training attendants to use it and ensuring against workplace accidents.

No Extra Batteries

With fast charging, the battery never leaves the lift truck. You can reduce your battery inventory by 2/3. And reduce battery maintenance by 2/3, too.

Reduce Labor Costs

Fleets that fast charge can reassign their battery room attendants to value-added roles.


No Battery Change Downtime

How much time does an otherwise lean organization waste changing batteries? Up to 90 hours each week:

  • 20 lift trucks
  • x 3 battery changes per day
  • x 15 minutes per change
  • x 6 days a week.


Reduce energy consumption

Fast charging eliminates daily finish and equalization charging.

​For a fleet of 20 trucks with an inventory of 60 batteries, eliminating the daily overcharge could reduce fleet-related energy consumption by more than 10%.​


Reduce accidents

Because employees are spared the dangerous and difficult task of changing 1- and 2-ton batteries, your operation is inherently safer.​

Not only is there less potential for fingers or clothes to get caught, the likelihood of acid spills is reduced.

Operations also reduce gassing, or the release of hydrogen from a battery, by limiting finish and equalization charging to once a week.


Run through 3 shifts

Fast charging returns 40-50 amps per 100-ampere hours, for a start rate of 40- 50%. Batteries are charged in short bursts during breaks, providing enough energy for all-day, heavy-duty forklift usage.

With Aker Wade’s “closed loop” system, the fast charger reacts to changes in battery temperature and voltage. Should temperature rise, the charger will automatically adjusting charge rates to maintain an ideal temperature.


We power anything

Fast charging is used by all kinds of high-demand, multi-shift operations – even those that work outdoors:​



Cold Storage