Mahou brews up savings with Fast Charging

Fast Charge vs. Battery Change
November 29, 2017
Fast Charge 101
December 15, 2017
“The most important arguments were the cost savings Mahou was able to achieve using Fast Charge…”

Fernando Barros, Purchasing Manager

Mahou Breweries of Madrid, Spain, is a family-owned company with a history that goes back 125 years. Mahou has over 2,800 employees spread over 5 sites. Together, these sites produce almost 35% of the beer in Spain, including 45 national brands and 76 product varieties. Beer from Mahou is exported to more than 70 countries.

In 2016, new regulations required the shipping department of Mahou’s largest brewery to exchange their internal combustion forklifts for electric-powered ones. Linde Material Handling won the contract and delivered 14 new electric counterbalanced forklifts in June 2016, with capacities ranging from 2 to 3.5 tons. All trucks were equipped with fork spreader attachments, allowing the transport of 3 pallets side by side. All trucks were also equipped with air conditioning for the summer and heaters for winter.

The location is largely automated, operating 3 shifts per day. As part of their conversion to electric, Mahou decided against a traditional battery changing system.  Instead they selected a fast charge solution, which would eliminate the need to change batteries during or between shifts. To meet Mahou’s power requirements of each forklift, Linde Material Handling Iberia delivered 8 Aker Wade UniMAX 30kW chargers. These chargers provide the energy needed for operators to run 3 shifts while performing the finish and equalization charge on the weekend.

Mr. Fernando Barros, the purchasing manager, described the benefits: “We were impressed with the cost savings we were able to achieve using fast charging. These included the elimination of battery changes and the need for a battery charging room.” He estimates that Mahou has achieved a 15% increase in productivity from the use of fast charging. In addition, Mahou’s forklift operators no longer faced the dangerous task of changing heavy liquid propane tanks, improving operational safety.

While Mahou has worked with fast chargers for less than a year, the initial results are very promising. As forklifts at other Mahou plants approach the end of their lifecycle, the company plans to expand the use of fast charging to meet their material handling needs. Their experience proves that fast charging can be used in any multi-shift operation to save money, improve efficiency and stay competitive in a changing world.

Industry Application Fast chargers
Brewing and bottling 3 shifts, 6 days a week 14