Fast Charge 101

Mahou brews up savings with Fast Charging
December 11, 2017
Fast, Rapid or Quick
December 19, 2017

Why have 500+ companies switched from battery changing or liquid propane to our fast charge systems?


We use a rigorous 4-step design process featuring our exclusive energy modeling software, FASTLOOK™.

FASTLOOK uses a customer’s own operating data to show how our fast charge system will perform better than battery changing or LP on the factory floor, and deliver better results on the bottom line.

How’s it work? Let’s start at the beginning…

Magna, the global automotive component and system manufacturer, has converted plants across North America from LP to fast charge.

Fast Charge 101

Fast charging safely returns energy to a battery at much higher rates than conventional charging.

Think of a battery as a fuel tank. In “conventional” fill-ups, Amp Hours (AH) “drip” slowly into the battery, requiring 8 hours to fill and multiple batteries per day.

Fast charging increases the flow of AHs. Batteries are charged quickly during regularly scheduled breaks. The result: 1 battery has the energy to work multiple shifts – and never leaves the forklift.


The process starts by collecting usage data from your fleet of lift trucks.

If you’re already changing batteries, our data collection devices measure charge and discharge rates, voltage, current and total energy consumption.

If you’re using LP, our software accurately converts LP usage to kiloWatt hours (kWhs).

The result is a precise understanding of the energy your fleet uses each shift, each day and each week.


Once we know how much energy your operation needs, we identify the best opportunities to deliver it.

Our exclusive FASTLOOK software divides each shift into 15-minute increments, identifying scheduled breaks, lunches and shift changes.

Fast charging during these 15- and 30-minute breaks keeps a battery at an ideal state-of-charge.

We also select a convenient time to finish and equalize, like early on a weekend.


Now that we know how much charge time you have and how much energy you need, FASTLOOK automatically selects the right battery and charger.

Do you expect business to grow? FASTLOOK allows you to explore the impact of added demand and will automatically update the battery and charger.

By properly sizing the system, power is delivered consistently, even during peak demand.


With an Aker Wade fast charge system, information from each battery can be sent automatically to a single location for detailed analysis.

Our DC Gateway™ device transmits information from each battery and charger to our Motive Power Manager™ (MPM) software.

MPM’s graphic reports quickly identify under- and over-used forklifts, allow managers to examine exceptions and anticipate the need for service.


Whether you’re using LP or changing batteries, an Aker Wade fast charge system can dramatically reduce the cost of running a forklift fleet.

For battery changers, our system reduces battery inventory and maintenance costs by up to 30%.

Fleets that use LP have the potential to save $6300 per truck, per year on fuel.​

And both get cleaner, safer facilities, more productive operators and a competitive edge.​