Are high ambient temperatures reducing battery life? Our compact fan pack works with both vented and non-vented trays and has reduced battery temperature as much as 40 degrees F, while our filters help maintain charger life.

Supported by a complete line of performance and management accessories, each SBOsystem is tailored to meet your exact needs. Combined with our expert design service, we deliver solutions to boost the output of every part of your operation:

  • Maximize revenue generating floor space.
  • Minimize battery maintenance and repair.
  • Operate 24/7 — without a battery room.

With SBO, you get everything you need to install, manage and support your fast charge operation.

Aker Wade CoolMAX Fan Pack

Cooling Fans


The DC CoolMAXfan is designed specifically for facilities that experience high ambient temperatures, or operations that demand high throughput — or both. When used on vented tray batteries, DC CoolMAX keeps battery temperatures at an optimal range, and can even increase operator comfort.


With completely automatic operation, the DC HydroMAXmakes battery watering easy. Connect to a water supply and DC HydroMAX works seamlessly with Aker Wade® chargers to refill the battery, mix the water and electrolyte and complete the finish cycle.

Aker Wade eMAX HF Filter



Stack Lights

DC InteliStack

A DC InteliStacklight system displays battery status at a glance. You can quickly gauge a battery’s state of charge, finish, equalization and completion status. Optional audible signals and extension poles make it easy to read in any facility.

Each fast charge system is unique. Contact us to see how our portfolio of optional equipment works for your operation.