Aker Wade Announces Release of Motive Power Manager

Wireless Fleet Energy & Battery Management System for Industrial Vehicles

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA (September 8, 2009) — Aker Wade Power Technologies is proud to announce the release of Motive Power Manager (MPM), the latest tool in its offering of green energy solutions. MPM, a comprehensive fleet energy and battery management system, paints a complete picture of vehicle energy usage and battery performance making it easier to manage electric vehicle fleets.

MPM empowers fleet managers with the information they need to save money, increase productivity and decrease downtime. The system is compatible with all industrial electric vehicle fleets, including those utilizing fast or opportunity charging.

Automatic data capture is a key feature of MPM. The system uses powerful wireless transmitters and aggregates vehicle and battery data for analysis by the end user. This data is brought seamlessly to the fleet manager’s PC and can even be viewed over the internet.

MPM offers over a dozen predefined reports for big picture fleet management. It allows the fleet manager to determine the relative workload of each individual truck or examine the aggregate fleet energy usage. Furthermore, MPM monitors all important battery variables – voltage, temperature, electrolyte level, energy throughput and charging compliance. This information gives the user a complete understanding of the battery’s condition in order to maximize lifetime. Configurable exception reporting lets fleet managers further refine how they interact with this data allowing them to see only noncompliant events requiring immediate attention.

According to Aker Wade CEO Bret Aker, “This is our 3rd generation fleet management system. We’ve received a lot of feedback from the market and worked this into our system. We set out to raise the bar for efficient fleet management solutions, and I feel we did.”

For more information about Motive Power Manager (MPM) please visit www.akerwade.com.

About Aker Wade Power Technologies

 Aker Wade develops and manufactures fast chargers and battery management software for the electric vehicle a(bd industrial forklift markets. Founded in 2000 Aker Wade brings a decade of experience as the leader in fast charging technology with more Fortune 1000 customers choosing it solutions than any other supplier. Aker Wade is collaborating with battery companies, infrastructure suppliers and EV manufacturers to deliver advanced Level III fast charging solutions for the coming generation of battery electric vehicles. Among the companies Aker Wade is working with are A123, Coulomb Technologies, Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) and EnerSys. Aker Wade is proud to engineer and manufacture all of their products in the USA.  For additional information please visit www.akerwade.com.

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