Aker Wade Delivers Fast Charge Port Number 14,000

Oporto, Portugal, January 10th, 2014 – Aker Wade, the fastest growing manufacturer of lift truck fast chargers delivered fast charge port number 14,000 today, marking a milestone in the company’s history.

“When Aker Wade introduced dedicated lift truck fast charging in 2004, we expected to sell 1000 ports per year,” recalls Bret Aker, Chief Sales Officer and Co-Founder of Aker Wade Power Technologies. “When we realized that demand throughout North America was outpacing our forecasts, we decided that it was time to offer this proven technology to international customers, and we opened Aker Wade Europe in 2011 specifically to serve that market.”

Aker Wade fast charge port number 14,000 is a TwinMAX® 15kW model. Introduced in 2008, the TwinMAX 15kW is the second generation of Aker Wade’s high efficiency, high frequency power conversion technology. The TwinMAX increases the appeal of fast charging by providing two fast charge ports in one unit, simplifying installation and reducing infrastructure costs.

Fast charge port number 14,000 was delivered to plant manager Carlos Pires from Faurecia Automotive near Oporto Portugal. Faurecia is the world’s 6th largest automotive supplier, and produces car seats and car accesoiries at its two plants near this city. Faurecia currently operates over 25 Aker Wade fast chargers that supply power to around 50 electric trucks. “Working with Aker Wade has been a pleasure,” adds Francisco Sánchez, Product Manager Warehouse Equipment and main contact for chargers, from Linde Material Handling Ibérica. Aker Wade’s dealer for Spain and Portugal. “Their experience and success in North America has made it easy to integrate their fast charging technology with the rest of the Linde line of products and services.”

Michiel Hendriksz, Managing Director, Aker Wade Europe, says, “Delivering fast charge port number 14,000 to a European customer was particularly satisfying. In North America, fast charging is a proven technology. With our partnership with Linde and our success within the automotive industry and other multinational customers, we’re ready to bring the benefits of fast charging to customers throughout Europe.”

About Aker Wade: Aker Wade Power Technologies designs and manufactures advanced fast charging systems for electric vehicles and industrial forklifts. Founded in 2000, Aker Wade is the leading provider of fast charging technology for Fortune 1000 companies, servicing customers in the U.S., Europe and Asia. For additional information, please visit www.akerwade.com.

About Faurecia: Faurecia was formed in 1997 following a merger between Bertrand Faure—a specialist in spring-based seat cushions for the automotive industry—and ECIA—a Peugeot subsidiary and manufacturer of seats, front ends and vehicle interiors with a reputation as one of Europe’s leading names in exhaust systems. Faurecia employs around 125,000 employees in 132 factories around the globe.

About Linde Material Handling Ibérica: Linde Material Handling Ibérica (LMHI) specialises in the distribution of forklift trucks, as well as providing related services. Since 1982, Linde MHI has covered the technical area of handling in Spain and Portugal. The company’s headquarters are located in Pallejà (Barcelona). The company has an established sales force via a network of 19 exclusive dealers for the brand, located in all the provinces in Spain and Portugal. The Linde range of products is characterised by its renowned and powerful innovative technology and especially for its energy efficiency and low operating costs. Linde MHI is a subsidiary of the multinational Linde Material Handling GmbH, present in more than 100 countries.