December 22, 2017

Don’t Get Fossil-Fooled

Myths about battery-powered forklifts lead companies to think they're not up to the task of moving multi-ton, heavy-duty payloads, they don’t work outdoors, or they require battery changes to work 3 shifts.  It's time to set the record straight...
December 19, 2017

Fast, Rapid or Quick

In the world of industrial batteries, the terms “fast charger,” "rapid charger" and "quick charger" can be used loosely. ​​A true fast charger is part of an engineered system matching the right-size battery to the right-size charger. This allows a forklift to run through multiple shifts using only one battery.
December 15, 2017

Fast Charge 101

Why have 500+ companies switched from battery changing or liquid propane to our fast charge systems? Confidence.
November 29, 2017

Fast Charge vs. Battery Change

Fast charging eliminates the need to change batteries, even for high-demand, 2- and 3-shift operations. ​The result? Savings, uptime, safety and more.
November 24, 2017

Fast Charging vs. Liquid Propane

Fast charging gives lift trucks the power they need to replace Class IV and V internal combustion trucks, even in high-demand, multi-shift, indoor/outdoor operations. The result? Savings, uptime, safety and more.
November 16, 2017

Fast Facts

Fast charging combines advanced power conversion technology with precise battery monitoring to safely return energy to industrial forklift batteries faster than conventional or opportunity charging.