• Don’t Get Fossil-Fooled
    Myths about battery-powered forklifts lead companies to think they're not up to the task of moving multi-ton, heavy-duty payloads, they don’t work outdoors, or they require battery changes to work 3 shifts.  It's time to set the record straight...
  • Fast, Rapid or Quick
    In the world of industrial batteries, the terms “fast charger,” "rapid charger" and "quick charger" can be used loosely. ​​A true fast charger is part of an engineered system matching the right-size battery to the right-size charger. This allows a forklift to run through multiple shifts using only one battery.
  • Fast Charge 101
    Why have 500+ companies switched from battery changing or liquid propane to our fast charge systems? Confidence.
  • Fast Charge vs. Battery Change
    Fast charging eliminates the need to change batteries, even for high-demand, 2- and 3-shift operations. ​The result? Savings, uptime, safety and more.
  • Fast Charging vs. Liquid Propane
    Fast charging gives lift trucks the power they need to replace Class IV and V internal combustion trucks, even in high-demand, multi-shift, indoor/outdoor operations. The result? Savings, uptime, safety and more.
  • Fast Facts
    Fast charging combines advanced power conversion technology with precise battery monitoring to safely return energy to industrial forklift batteries faster than conventional or opportunity charging.