The DC Gatewaywirelessly collects critical operating data from Aker Wade® fast chargers and DC PowerLoggers, and sends it when and where you want it. With DC Gateway you’ll be able to:

  • Reduce the cost of data collection.
  • Create customized reporting schedules.
  • Stay connected with multiple facilities and fleets.
The DC Gateway automatically recognizes when to download data, meaning you’ll never have to chase another truck.

Collecting data has never been more convenient.

The DC Gatewayautomatically collects data from any asset equipped with an SBOmonitoring device, like a DC PowerLogger, for analysis and troubleshooting.

Motive Power Manager(MPM) software receives data from the DC Gateway and provides reports that show exactly how each asset is performing and where corrective actions may be needed. MPM works with every Aker Wade® fast charger and with every brand of battery.