DC PowerLogger

Start Measuring, Start Managing


Connect a DC PowerLogger™ device to your battery and start tracking daily usage, charge return, temperature, water level and equalization events – data that can help you:

  • Confirm operator compliance with charging and equalizing
  • Identify battery maintenance needs
  • Optimize fleet size and truck operation
Aker Wade’s Single Battery Operation™ (SBOTM) system offers Motive Power Manager™(MPM™) software. MPM imports DC PowerLogger device data, allowing you to create reports to help maximize fleet performance, minimize asset inventory and increase productivity every day.

Connect this compact, acid-resistant monitoring device to any brand of battery in any lift truck or charging application and start tracking everything you need to know to optimize your lift truck fleet:

  • Battery temperature, charge return and equalizations.
  • Truck utilization.
  • Maintenance needs and corrective actions.

The DC PowerLogger™ records every second of a battery’s operating details for analysis in our Motive Power Manager™ (MPM™) software. MPM transforms raw data into actionable management reports.

Motive Power Manager(MPM) software receives data from the DC Powerlogger and provides reports that show exactly how each asset is performing and where corrective actions may be needed. MPM works with every Aker Wade® fast charger and with every brand of battery.