Aker Wade designs and builds a full line of fast chargers, from standard single port to our exclusive dual port design. We have models for North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

Each fast charger is part of an engineered system, designed with our exclusive energy modeling software. Click on the image for more information about each product.

By charging forklifts during regularly scheduled breaks, every truck has the power it needs at all times. By wirelessly monitoring performance, managers have the information they need to operate every vehicle as efficiently as possible.

No time is wasted changing batteries. No extra batteries are needed. No changing equipment. You get the lean material handling operation you’ve been looking for, even for heavy-duty, multi-shift operations.

With a fully integrated line of fast chargers, monitoring devices, software, accessories and service, the Aker Wade® Single Battery Operation™ (SBO™) system makes it easy for fleets to convert from battery changing.

And with over 14,000 fast chargers powering the fleets of the Fortune 500, Aker Wade has the experience to make converting to SBO risk-free.
Aker Wade C Series Single Stand - Single Output (1)

Eliminate Battery Room Investment

  • Reduce initial investment for batteries and chargers by up to 50%.
  • Eliminate maintenance intensive battery change equipment.
  • Optimize labor costs by re-deploying the battery room attendant.

Boost Battery Performance

  • Keep batteries at a higher state of charge and reduce sulfation.
  • Eliminate wasteful overcharging.
  • Proper charging + instant information = longer battery life.

Maximize Productivity

  • Turn battery changing downtime into profitable uptime.
  • Convert the battery room into revenue-generating floor space.
  • Maintain truck performance with less energy consumption.

Improve Safety and Go Green

  • Greatly reduce injuries and acid spills associated with hoisting batteries.
  • Eliminate on-site CO 2, CO and NO x emissions from fossil fuels.
  • Eliminate cross-facility traffic to the battery room and improve safety.

Converting to a Single Battery Operation™ is Easy

With advanced energy modeling software, an integrated technology portfolio, proven reliability and great ergonomics, our Single Battery Operation™ (SBO™) system includes everything a lift truck fleet needs to eliminate battery changes, increase productivity and go green.


We use our exclusive FASTLook™ software to create an energy profile for every truck in your fleet, and then show you graphically how SBO works for your application.


FASTLook software models the Return on Investment (ROI) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) available for fleets that change batteries, burn liquid propane or use fuel cells.


With over 14,000 fast chargers in the field, Aker Wade® has the experience and expertise to get the most demanding multi-shift operations up and running quickly