Motive Power Manager(MPM) is an easy to use reporting program that turns the battery and charging data gathered by DC PowerLoggersinto information that will help you optimize your lift truck fleet. MPM’s graphic reports will help you stay connected with your operation:

  • The performance of every piece of equipment.
  • The behavior of your team.
  • The right time to make a maintenance call.
Every part of your operation creates data. Motive Power Manager puts that data to work for you.

MPMallows you to generate overviews of your entire fleet, drill down to the smallest details, focus on specific assets and create actionable exception reports that point directly to the source of a problem. The interface is easy and lets you pick the style of the report.

MPM Software: Track and Manage Battery Health

  • Battery temperature
  • State of charge
  • Electrolyte level
  • Daily charge cycle limits
  • Depth of discharge per cycle
  • Proper finishing charge
  • Proper equalization charge
  • Energy throughput within rated limits
  • Battery load voltage within limits

MPM Reports: Receive Actionable Information

  • Confirm compliance with charging regimen
  • Prioritize battery maintenance
  • Check programming / set up
  • Confirm lift truck operating parameters
  • Enforce operator compliance
  • Schedule battery replacement
  • Eliminate unnecessary assets

Running MPM on an existing computer requires Windows 7, 8 or 8.1. MPM reports can be exported as a .jpg, .pdf or in Word Doc or Excel formats.