No matter what your operation, Aker Wade has a solution for you.

With Aker Wade, you get more than fast chargers. Our portfolio has everything you need to keep your lift trucks performing smoothly, your business running efficiently, and move you ahead of your competition. With Single Battery Operation™ (SBO™), just one charger and one battery is needed for each lift truck. Each battery keeps working throughout the shift and can be quickly charged while the operator is on break. There’s no downtime for charging, no batteries to change. No storage room needed for extra batteries. SBO provides long-lasting, power with no on-site carbon emissions. Enjoy long run-time, lower utility bills and enough power to handle the heaviest loads.

It’s a simple equation: 1 lift truck = 1 battery + 1 charger

Get the full suite, or pick and choose the elements best suited to your operation. It’s all here.