SKU UM20C002568 – 20kW Fast Charger (dual outputs, dual cables)
January 3, 2018
eMAX HF Single Charger Floor Stand
January 3, 2018

SKU TM20N001749 – 20kW Fast Charger (dual outputs, dual cables)

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20kW fast charger: Dual outputs, dual cables

  • Output can be upgraded to 30kW for an additional charge

Output Voltage: 24 – 80V (adjusts automatically)

Output Current: 500 Amps (maximum x2)

Input Voltage: 480/600 VAC 3 Phase

Input Current: 57/46 Amps

Connector: SBX350 Blue/Gray (2 sets) (includes used cables)

  • Connectors can be reconfigured for an additional charge
  • Custom cable lengths are available for an additional charge

Stand: Includes used stand.

Condition: 4.5 out of 5 (excellent)

Warranty: 90 Days