Single Battery Operation™ Debuts at CeMAT

sbo_mdAker Wade Brings SBO Advanced Charging Solutions to EU and Asian Markets

Aker Wade, North America’s leading supplier of industrial fast charging solutions announced the release of a turn key charging solution for overseas markets known as Single Battery Operation.

SAVE MONEY! SBO allows industrial electric vehicles such as forklifts to operate on a single battery through multiple shifts by employing advanced charging techniques.  Customers adopting SBO enjoy vastly increased productivity by forgoing the multiple battery changes required for extended usage. SBO also reduces costs by eliminating extra batteries and battery change equipment. To top this off, SBO makes the battery room obsolete, freeing up space and employees for more productive endeavors.

PROVEN! SBO solutions have been proven over the past decade on over 10,000 forklifts in heavy duty operations.  Customers enjoy average annual savings of $750,000 per 100 vehicles for an ROI of approximately 1 year.  Aker Wade has leveraged its experience with these customers to design SBO and allow new users worldwide to say “goodbye” to extra batteries and “hello” to increased productivity and reduced costs.  The SBO solution makes the switch easy.

TURN-KEY! Bret Aker, President of Aker Wade International states, “SBO is a system that takes all the worry out of switching to a fast charge operation.  By monitoring battery conditions and energy usage we are able to ensure optimal system performance so our customers can realize the full value of their investment.   And most managers find that this improved vision of their fleet not only makes SBO solutions a snap, it also allows them to unlock value in other ways to maximize return on assets or reduce energy costs.  This is truly rewarding for me to see.”

SBO = 1 System to Power, Monitor, Connect and Control

POWER: At the heart of the SBO solution are advanced chargers that communicate with the battery to optimize energy return.

MONITOR: While SBO chargers are communicating with batteries, the batteries are also given a voice. Thanks to advanced wireless monitors their vital signs are available in real time.

CONNECT: Batteries and chargers that talk can be connected to your desktop, your network, or the web – wherever it makes most sense to see the information.

CONTROL: With advanced software that visualizes trends and flags problems, SBO solutions can be managed to ensure that you realize the full value of your investment.

About Aker Wade Power Technologies

Aker Wade Power Technologies designs and manufactures advanced fast charging systems for electric vehicles and industrial forklifts. Founded in 2000, Aker Wade is the market-leading provider of fast charging technology for Fortune 1000 companies servicing markets in the U.S., Europe and Asia. For additional information, please visit


Michiel Hendriksz